Baintech Power Top V3

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Baintech PowerTop V3

Whether you’re dreaming of a Cape York adventure, preparing for your yearly Fraser Island camping trip with mates or just want to kick back at your local campsite and need to keep the beer cold, we’ve made it incredibly easy to setup a versatile portable 12V system.

If you are after a simple plug and play solution to power your fridge and accessories – the Baintech PowerTop V3 will keep your essentials running, without the fuss and cost of installing a dual battery set up.

The Baintech PowerTop V3 is a complete portable power source built on a 135ah battery. Featuring multiple input and output sockets, including two Engel, USB, and Ciga sockets to directly connect your fridge, accessories and to charge devices. If you plan to run your fridge for a greater length of time, you’ll need to pair the PowerTop with an adequate charging source to keep the 135ah battery in top condition. Charge via AC at home, vehicle, or solar!

The PowerTop has both regulated and unregulated solar Anderson plug inputs, it’s as simple as plug and play. The PowerTop also has a built-in solar regulator that will prevent the PowerTop’s 135ah Battery from overcharging. Simply connect your regulated or unregulated solar for an off-grid solution!

The PowerTop has a built-in volt meter, with warning alarm that notifies you of low voltage levels. This built in alarm is designed to prevent you from drawing current from the battery once the voltage drops below the ideal minimum level. A well-maintained PowerTop battery kept above 12.4 will last you through a greater amount of cycles than a PowerTop battery that is misused and continuously discharged below 50%.

PowerTop V3 Features:

  • All in one off the shelf power system
  • 12V 135Ah Battery included
  • Built in AC Charger & AC Power lead
  • 3 inputs – AC, DC and Solar
  • 2 x Ciga Sockets
  • 2 x Engel Socket
  • 2 x Universal 2.3A ­USB Socket
  • LED display panel – displays information for the battery and state of charge
  • On/Off switch