Product Details

Hidden Winch Bracket – Available Vehicle Makes and Model

The Hidden Winch Bracket is available for the current shape 200 Series Toyota Land Cruiser & Toyota Prado (Current Model) due out around the middle of August 2020.

The Toyota Hilux is being reviewed as the next possible developed vehicle.

Features and Weights (Hidden Winch Bracket)

Being that the Hidden Winch Bracket is not visible once fitted to your vehicle, Hidden Winch 4×4 recommended the Factor 55 FlatLink shackle, Fairlead and Rope guard to complete the design, quality, and appearance of your Hidden Winch Bracket installation.

These products combined allow your vehicle to maintain the superior standard you desire beyond simply having a traditional winch hook hanging from the front of your plastic bumper.

It’s not just a Hidden Winch Bracket, it forms a major part of your vehicles winch recovery equipment.

Our Hidden Winch bracket is the ONLY bracket on the market rated at 29,000lb with the following key design elements.

  • In built designed recovery pitch angles being key to its 29,000lb rating & ability to withstand the most difficult winch recovery operations.
  • One continuous single piece steel plate folded construction maximising strength / durability.
  • Shaped and designed to minimise weight whilst equalizing load distribution.
  • Constructed from 6mm quality steel.
  • Flat facing surfaces.
  • Painted with a black textured powder coating to provide a clean finished product.

We have specifically designed this bracket to fit winches from Carbon Winch Australia 12K (12,000lb) and 9.5K (9500lb), along with Runva Winches 13XP (13,000lb) and 11XP (11,000lb). (Most winch brands are also compatible).

Carbon 12K & Hidden Winch Bracket combined total fit weight 31.45kg.

Runva 13XP & Hidden Winch Bracket combined total fit weight total fit 39.4kg.

Use and Installation

The Hidden Winch Bracket has been designed to provide you additional options when you decide to install a winch to your vehicle.

The control box bracket has been designed around the front grill of models 2016-2019. 

(You may be required to modify our brackets should you decide to use another winch brand and model)

Stress Analysis Testing

Peninsula Plasma Cutters have completed Stress Analysis Testing using Solid Works CAD software and systems to ensure product safety and capabilities of the Hidden Winch Bracket.

Your winch, winch rope & recovery gear will fail long before our Hidden Winch Bracket rated to 29,000lb providing adequate strength and durability during ANY winching activity.

Standards and Requirements

We have consulted with Transport for New South Wales, our onsite engineer, along with an independent engineering company to confirm there are NO ADRs applicable to in bumper brackets.

The design has taken into account the following requirements and specifications set out within;

  • Bull Bars Tolerances and Conditions – (February 2018 version 2.1)
  • Vehicle Inspection Bulletin – Protrusions on the front of vehicles (Revision 0.1 / Published 1 November 2007)
  • Requirement Schedule 2 of the Road Transport (Vehicle Registration) Regulation 2007 requires the following: Para 25 (1) Protrusions ‘An object fitted to a vehicle must be designed, built and fitted to the vehicle in such a way that minimises the likelihood of injury to a person making contact with the vehicle’.
  • Para 27 (a) Driver’s field of view ‘A motor vehicle must be built to allow the driver a view of the road and of traffic to the front and sides of the vehicle so the driver can drive the vehicle safely’.
  • and other relevant information, guidelines and specifications found on the Transport for NSW website. (

We refer to an article by regarding bull bar / aftermarket accessories, airbag testing and capability.

Quote …“Toyota Australia advanced product planning senior manager Neal Daniel said: “No one else in the world has access to the vehicle design data, so all an aftermarket bull bar manufacturer can do is guess. They do a very limited, low-speed, non-destructive test so that they can claim that the bull bar is airbag compatible. But unless they crash a car at high speed how would they know? They can’t predict how and when an airbag is triggered based on low-speed tests.”… (HYPERLINK

Any aftermarket vehicle accessory or modification may impact the manufactures original safety standards, specifications and guild lines.

The manufacturer of the Hidden Winch Bracket notes, during installation of the Bracket the airbag sensor is not moved or tampered with and the Bracket has not been subjected to crash testing therefore they do not come with an airbag compatibility certificate.