Our bracket is rated to 29,000lb providing adequate strength and durability during ANY winching activity.

Hidden Winch 4×4, The confidence to go anywhere !

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Hidden Winch 4×4 is a new online retailer who have partnered with Peninsula Plasma Cutters and Fabrication (PPCF) to design, develop, and manufacture in Australia the Hidden Winch Bracket for the four-wheel drive market.

Our bracket allows you to fit a winch to your vehicle without the additional weight and cost of a bull bar whilst maintaining your vehicles original appearance, functionality, ride, comfort, handling and performance.

Hidden Winch 4×4 have packaged together superior products that complete the Design, Quality, and Appearance whilst promoting Closed System Winch Safety.

Our complete package, matched with accessories provides a superior finish beyond simply having a traditional winch hook hanging from the front of your plastic bumper.

Key design elements include, weight minimisation and distribution, maintaining flat facing surfaces, single piece folded steel plate construction maximising strength and durability, replicating the original alloy bumper bar to ensure everything remains the same once installed.

Using CAD Software and Solid Works Stress Testing Systems our bracket is rated at 29,000lb, constructed from 6mm quality steel and painted with a black textured powder coat to provide a clean finished product.